RC Documents is a collection of radio control manuals that is available for FREE to everyone all in one place.

Many people have contributed to this collection over the years and we truly appreciate your participation in this project. By sending us manuals that you use, you will know exactly where to find them without have to search several sites to get them. It also makes them available to others that may need them.

This site does have proprietary manuals that belong to the companies and/or people that made them. We thank them for allowing us to host their RC manuals and make them available to you. If you are a company that would like us to host your manuals please upload them to us. If we are hosting your manuals and DO NOT WISH us to, please let us know and they will be removed.

R/Cs are all about community. If you can help others enjoy our hobby then do it. This is one of my contributions into this awesome hobby.

Please enjoy the site!